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Over the years, I've had the distinct pleasure to work with wonderful clients on many diverse and amazing projects. Below is a handful of designs that showcase my versatility as a graphic artist, illustrator, and photographer. 


Graphic Design


I started my career creating promotional posters and fliers for upcoming student events at North Idaho College. Since then I've branched out and designed mailers, DVD jackets, bookmarks, magazine ads, educational banners, magnets, t-shirt and other swag. 


Branding is an essential part of any business, and I'm proud to have helped so many clients over the years in their effort to initiate or expand their enterprise, improve name recognition, or just rebrand themselves to reach a larger audience. 


In today's fast-paced world, a social media presence is a must. At WSU, I was part of a team that produced webinars and livestreams for students. I would create graphic packages to help promote the event on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and our weekly newsletter. Here are some examples of Facebook banners and posters. 


Marketing campaigns provide the most opportunity to work with a wide range of media, from bus advertisements to window clings to one-page take-aways to online promotions. Two of my favorites were WSU's Go Old School campaign, where we used custom retro images to promote our online degrees and the Technology Test Kitchen, an interactive hi-tech gallery to help staff and faculty try out the latest educational technologies in a supportive environment.


Web Design is quickly becoming a necessity for any business looking to increase their brand recognition and connect with current and potential customers.  I've designed landing pages, web ads, and multiple responsive sites ensuring they look good and render correctly on a variety of devices and window/screen sizes -- desktop, tablets, and phones. 



I started designing classroom illustrations in high school; cartoonish pencil drawings of experiments for my Physical Science class. Since then, I've created a variety of projects to help enhance the educational experience.


One of my favorite 'jobs' (can I really call it job when it's so much fun?) is to create custom illustrations for clients. It allows me to cut loose and showcase my Disney-esque style.



I love to travel, mostly to the American Southwest. There is something about Red Rock Country that makes me feel like I'm in a Louis L'Amour novel. I also like to hike into remote mountain lakes. And on every adventure, my camera is always at my side ready to capture the moment. So let me know if your project needs custom photos taken.

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