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Kyle Cossairt

Designer. Illustrator. Photographer.

Hi, I'm Kyle Cossairt (Cuz-art), a media designer, illustrator, and photographer based out of the Inland Northwest.


I graduated with honors from North Idaho College and have worked in both the educational arena (At NIC where I earned Employee of the Year & Washington State University) and also as a freelance designer in Vancouver, BC, and Los Angeles, CA.


As a multipotentialite with many creative interests, I have experience in video production, social media & UX design, web design, animation, storyboarding & AV script writing. These additional skills assist me in crafting dynamic designs as well as make me a versatile creative problem solver. 


I am extremely passionate about taking an idea from sketchbook to the final product and ensuring that the customer’s vision is fulfilled. Above all else, I'm a firm believer that design should evoke an emotion and tell a compelling story. So send me an email and let’s work on a project together. 

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